Older Women To Help Younger Women


The bad news is that a leading young woman in the town church is pregnant out of wedlock, and she blames herself. The good news is how people are dealing with it. As usual the Christians are helping her with appropriate counseling, and in addition they are addressing the larger problem. Until now, motivated young women like her were encouraged to lead their peers, but the other local women gave them little mentoring. But now the church has mobilized a team of strong female Christians to care for the girls and young women. I believe they plan to meet regularly as a team to pray and plan for the girls, and also individually to spend time with key girls, talking and praying about temptations that they are facing. Pray that they will do this with God’s power!

(Pictured is one of the stronger Christians, Anne, washing the feet of teenager Naomi in a class Anne taught earlier this year.)

More prayer requests follow:

  • Pray for the three that gave their lives to Christ in June: Rebecca, Simon, and Linsy (a man).
  • The interns have left and we really miss them. It was good to have them in our lives for those 5 weeks. Thanks to God for answered prayers.
  • We also feel a little lonely without our North American teammates. We’re fine, but do say a prayer for us. My parents come for a short visit in August and then Craig and Jeri come back for about 6 or 7 months (until about March 2012). We enjoyed having Leslie here for a couple of weeks this past month.
  • The second quarter of the new training program is complete. A highlight for me is that Joel, one of the students, has made extra efforts recently to share what he’s learned with the town church. Thanks for continued prayers! We cancelled our appointments for this week to rest before the next quarter begins.
  • I hesitate to report improvements that are so unstable that they may reverse at any moment, but then again, that’s what prayer requests are for. In addition to the fragile new church I’ve mentioned recently, organized by Robert and Roy, there is now another even more fragile church organized by a new Christian, Henry, and supported by his mentor Ephraim. It’s not something to submit to a directory of churches yet, but please pray for the Christians and communities involved in these efforts. Please pray especially for the faith of the leaders when they face discouragement and domestic problems.

One Response to “Older Women To Help Younger Women”

  1. Aaron D. Burk Says:

    I will be praying for you. How long will you be without North American teammates? I guess the interns left already? It’s exciting to see the work progressing there.

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