New Year Greetings from the PNG Reeses


Diane wrote her traditional annual letter, which I’m attaching. I will therefore restrict my comments to a few things she didn’t mention . . .

Join us in praying with joy for 12 new Christians and their families: Doris Togarewa (JK’s relative, wife of Neville), Letma (wife of Chris Doga), Ben (transient from Rigo), an unnamed person at Taramugu, Nathan (Thresa Peter’s son at Sineada), Nicola (Helen Jerry’s daughter at Sineada), Onen Jacob (Susan’s), Josiah Wasi, Karina Wasi, Allison Mumna (Pastola’s), Siggy Mileka (relative of Siggy), and Thelma (Felicity’s grown daughter). And for more to come soon–we hope.

Pray also for some of our fairly new Christians and their neighbors who are being accused of witchcraft and physically threatened.

I’ll be sending the 2013 work fund report separately to those who usually receive it. If you think you may be left out and want to be included, let me know.

The churches are still small, but thank God that the recent baptisms and youth camp have boosted their morale. Pray for this acceleration to continue.

Enjoy Diane’s letter, and don’t forget to send up prayers as you read!

Marcus Reese

PNG Reese new year letter


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