About Us And Our Work

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Brief Overview

Marcus, Diane, And Their Children

International Mission Team

Supporting Congregations in America

Congregations and Christians in PNG

How To Sign Up For Short Email Updates (“Snapshots”) Or Reports

Brief Overview

Marcus and Diane Reese moved to Alotau, PNG (Papua New Guinea) early in 2001. Together with Canadian, American, and PNG Christians, they helped to plant a church in Alotau and a handful of house churches in nearby villages–only by the grace of God! Pray that God will turn this church-planting work into a church-planting movement as the Reeses continue to focus on that goal.

Three-church retreat March 2008

Local Christians organized the 2008 area-wide retreat.

Marcus, Diane, And Their Children

When Marcus and Diane first visited PNG in 1999, Hannah was still in Diane’s womb. She was born in Tennessee and moved to PNG after one year. She reads voraciously. Hadassah is the only sister born in PNG. She wins many hearts with her outgoing personality. Rochelle and Faith were both born in Texas. Rochelle is a sweet peacemaker, and we haven’t made out Faith’s personality yet, but she is a sweet baby. Diane has deep roots in Northwest Kansas where her parents, Keith and Judy Coon, are cattle ranchers and wheat farmers. Diane is an excellent writer, but she has put that aside for a while to focus on helping her family. Marcus’s hobby is software development. Marcus’s parents, John and Beth Reese, were missionaries in South Africa until he was fifteen, when they moved to Austin, Tx, to work with World Bible School. Marcus and Diane were students at Harding University when God allowed them to meet and to fall in love with each other.

Rochelle, Marcus, Hadassah, Diane, Faith, and Hannah are happy a week after Faith’s birth.

North American Mission Team

2001-2010: Leslie and Loopie helped their teammates in innumerable ways, both physical and spiritual, during the ten years of their work in Alotau.

2006-2012: The Fords are incredibly responsible and likable people that helped to move the work to the next level.

The Ford family is on the left, Reese family in the middle, and Williams family on the right.

Update: the Williamses left November 2010 and are in Canada. The Fords left April 2012 and are in the USA.

Supporting Congregations in America

Marcus became a part of Westover Hills Church of Christ at age 15 when he moved from South Africa to Austin, Tx, with his family. That congregation now oversees his work and provide for his family and their air travel. Some of the members have also formed a support team that prays and writes and serves in many ways. They are amazing people, an inspiration to Marcus and Diane.

From the beginning, the Support Team at Westover organized events to encourage Marcus and Diane.

Westover Hills leadership asked that we raise our work fund elsewhere, and God provided that through a couple of individuals (God bless them!) and the support of another great congregation, Holmes Road Church of Christ. Diane was secretary at Holmes Road while Marcus attended Harding University Graduate School of Religion, and an eternal bond was created at that time. There has also been a longstanding friendship between the Reeses and the Goodland Church of Christ in Diane’s hometown, and over the years they have become increasingly involved in the work in PNG.

Congregations and Christians in PNG

The Williamses and Reeses began worshiping with one local woman and her children in Alotau in 2001. During the first three years, they continued to focus on that growing congregation while at the same time learning one of the nearby village languages, Tawala. During 2004 Marcus gained valuable experience when a local denomination called the Kwato church allowed him, for a limited time, to preach in one of their congregations. Then for the next three years Marcus focused on a local-language church plant in Gama village, working closely with a new Christian named Wesley.

church building with sago leaf roof

Wesley has the wheelbarrow on this workday at the Gama church building.

After the Gama church was over a year old, a town member named Robert was able, with God’s help and the support of Leslie and the other congregations, to plant a new church in the village of Lautevateva. He now is helping a number of new congregations, thus exemplifying the kind of church-planting movement we have been praying and working for.

Robert prays for Lonsdale at Lonsdale’s baptism.

As of early 2010 the Reeses were working with six house churches in the villages around Alotau and occasionally with others in more remote areas.

Marcus preaching at Alotau congregation

Marcus occasionally is guest speaker at the town church, which rents a school on Sunday mornings.

Please pray for Christians throughout this province and nation, that they will be strong in faith and will reach the many others that God has prepared to follow Jesus Christ.

How To Sign Up For Short Email Updates (“Snapshots”) Or Reports

Hadassah took this picture. It represents our Snapshots.

Hadassah took this picture. It represents our Snapshots.

Every few weeks we send out updates called “Snapshots”. If you would like to receive these Snapshots, please let us know by leaving a reply (comment) at the bottom of this page. Do the same if you would like our email addresses. And please don’t forget to include your email address or we will not be able to respond to your request!

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2 Responses to “About Us And Our Work”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Hey guys! Hope you’re getting adjusted back in PNG. Please put me on your work report list. Not sure I’m on there.

  2. Mari Says:

    I am from Kwato and enjoyed reading your post on missionary work in PNG especially your posting in the Milne Bay Province. May God continue to guide your work in PNG. God bless.

    Kind regards,

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